As Fierce as a Lion

via Daily Prompt: Fierce


Fierce the daily post word of the day was staring me on my desktop at work. And I start to think when I last used that word in my writing. ”Never” the answer came almost immediately. I started thinking of sentences which included the word fierce and for reasons unknown the only thing I could associate with the word fierce were lions. “As fierce as a lion” my thoughts interjected (Similes) . But I couldn’t think of anything that would include the sentence as fierce as lions. I read a few examples of sentences which included the word fierce. Still there was no clue how I will use the word fierce. I blamed my lack of creativity on the 4 hours of sleep I have got last night. So I drank two cups of coffee thinking it would ignite the hidden creativity which was shadowed by my sleeplessness. But it was of no help. I decided to go to the daily post page and see what others have posted. I was blown away by the sheer amount of posts in front of me. There were some amazing poems, incidents, stories, travel posts. After seeing all the posts on the word fierce I felt myself getting discouraged and started doubting my skills as a writer. Then for the last time I decided to use the oldest trick in the book, I closed my eyes and tried to envision the word fierce. ”AS FIERCE AS A LION” my thoughts screamed again. And that was the moment I decided to give up. With only 4 hours to go for a new word of the day, I hoped that the next word of the day would be a bit easier to write about. And with the realization that I was not quite the spontaneous writer that I thought I was .

So here I was with no post to show for the word fierce.


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