I love you


She smiled, she felt loved whenever he said I love you. It’s like nothing else mattered when he said those three words. Her whole existence made sense. It made her happy the depth of those words. And it surprised her how much that sentence  meant to her. She would whisper happily  “I love you too” 

And he would think to himself  ”Of all his vices, lying was the hardest to quit ”


3 thoughts on “I love you”

    1. Yeah we live in a world where I love you is used as an excuse, to apologize, to justify. What once was the most purest sentence to express love is now a mediocre sentence spoken out in abundance by people who don’t fully understand the meaning of it.

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      1. There’s this aquaintance I meet in the street sometimes. She higs me, slags off my daughter, says we must meet for coffee, hugs me, “Love you,” and and walks off.
        I hear people shouting “Love you” in the street all the time. It’s depressing.


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